Micah|Lovatic||22| I'm a big fan of Demetria Devonne Lovato she is a big part of my life she saved me when my family could not i have alot to thank her for. but if you wanna know more message me or just talk to me i won't bite that hard promise. (; "Suck a Dick, You Might Like It" #ReallyDon'tCare


that paranoid moment when you feel like everyone hates you, and everything you do is wrong. & you’re worthless

faithfullbipolar said: Happy birthday, you beautiful girl! Hope you'll have an amazing day. Your blog is awesome, btw :-)

Thank youuu. (:

demetriasassy said: Happy birthday my love!!!!!!!!! I hope you have all the great things that you want in life!

Thank youuu boo. :D

Anonymous said: happy birthday babeee

Thank youuu hun.

  -  28 July

catch-me-during-the-aftershock said: Happy birthday!!!!

Thank youuu.

  -  28 July

andyoureacuntt said: Happy birrthdaaay💗 I hope you have a good one :)

Thank youuu :)

  -  28 July

jackandmichael said: Happy birthday! Have an amazing day :) p.s your blog is awesome, Demi is the queen x

Thank youuu. & ikr she really is. Love her.

lovatic1420 said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!☺️🎉👏🎁🎂

Thank youuu hun. (:

  -  28 July

nayanrivera said: Happy Birthday :)) Have a great one!

Thank youuuuu

Anonymous said: happy birthday!

Thank youuu

  -  28 July
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