Micah|Lovatic||22| I'm a big fan of Demetria Devonne Lovato she is a big part of my life she saved me when my family could not i have alot to thank her for. but if you wanna know more message me or just talk to me i won't bite that hard promise. (;

This is my first time seein this interview.

Demi went in on fans tonight through DMs for making fun of Madison.

I didn’t know maddie has scoliosis…

Lights Out - Dilmer Oneshot

Anonymous said: Stay strong bby❤️

I am. Thanks love.

  -  31 August

dimonachelea said: Please don't relapse. I know how it is to relapse. I am one month and a half strong. That's not that long. But I have kept the blade away. We can't tell you to be strong. You have to take power from all the days you haven't hurt you're self, all the times you put it down with everything in you're being. It is hard. And I can't say you won't relapse but in every relapse there is that part in you that's hates it even more and in that hate is the reasons that you shouldn't do it. I care about you.

I promise you I won’t. (:

  -  31 August

I have the worst migraine Ever!!!! -.-

  -  31 August

youremptyhands said: Hey, I'm not entirely sure what you're going through right now, but I want you to know that you are strong enough to get through it. You've done it once, and I believe you can do it again. I have faith in you. Put on some Demi and remember she's always here for us Lovatics. Keep your head up and say strong!

Anonymous said: We will relapse together. OK bae ok

But I don’t want to relapse tho. /:

  -  31 August
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